Donnerstag, 31. März 2016

Back for healthy lunch ideas

Hello hello...we are back...ready to invite you to be inspired for funny and healthy snacks. This lunch for my kids (kindergarden) is really German like...:) It's a sandwich made of whole wheat bread with banana and peanut butter and cranberries. The fruit part is ver classical, too: diced apple and pear.

Hallihallo....wir sind wieder da - wir, dass heißt die gesunden Snackideen und die Esser derselbigen...;) zum Wiedereinstieg gibt es heute ein recht klassisch deutsches Bild vom Pausenbrot meiner Kindergartenmäuse. Ich habe ein Sandwich aus Vollkornbrotscheiben, Peanut Butter und Bananenscheiben kreiert. Dazu gibt es, auch ganz klassisch, kleingeschnibbelten Apfel und Birne. Ach ja, und natürlich zum Naschen ein paar Cranberries. Na dann auf zum Pausenbrot :)

Viele liebe Grüße von mir an euch, ihr Lieben!

Samstag, 18. April 2015

Raspberries...for breakfast!

Nice saturday breakfast morning with my kids. Today we had some whole wheat cereal  bread with cream cheese and jam. For the vitamin part we were provided with sliced pear and banana. And of course for mommy a delicious cup of coffee. Couldn't we just always start the day like this?

Dienstag, 14. April 2015

blob blob blob....It´s gone!

5 days-week healthy lunch plan

I prepared a Lunch Round up for you to consider a 5 days-week plan. So you can pre-plan and budget your school week avoiding any kind of stress in the morning asociated with your kid´s school lunch. A positive side afect: you save money by making a clever grocery list in advance.

Don´t mind to catch some ideas for your own kids lunch box. 

Day 1

01 portion of grapes
02 portion of cantaloupe melon
03 whole wheat sandwich with creme cheese, cheddar cheese and turkey breast

you can add: 
sliced carrots
trail mix
cherry tomatoes

Day 2

 01 portion of papaya cut out in diferent  
      shapes (heart, circle, triangle...)
02  cereals mix (oat, amaranth, almond,  
      pecan, a few chocolate pieces)
03 plain yoghurt

The kids have the option to combine cereals and yogurth or they eat for separate

Day 3

01 banana pancakes with jam
02 sliced plum
03 homemade cereal choco chip balls

you can add: 
sliced carrots
cherry tomatoes

Day 4

01 mix of grapes and strawberries
02 rice waffle with cream cheese and ham
03 organic bear chocolate cookies

you can add: 
sliced carrots
bell pepper
cherry tomatoes

Day 5

01 wheat tortilla with chicken
02 sliced apple with funny shapes

you can add: 
sliced carrots
trail mix
cherry tomatoes

So dear moms just do have fun and let´s go for school lunch!

Sonntag, 10. August 2014

school lunch week plan

Vacation time is nearly over. So here are some ideas for a school lunch week plan.

El tiempo de vacaciones está por terminar. Así que aquí son sólo algunas ideas para un plan de la semana de almuerzos escolares.

Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

Erdbeere vs. Weintraube

D  I  Ein farbenfrohes Duett bekommen meine Hasen heut in die Brotbox: Weintraube-Erdbeer-Mix. Dazu gibt es ein Reiswaffelsandwich mit Frischkäse und Schoko-Bären-Kekse.

ES I Un encuentro colorido tendrán mis niñas hoy en su lonchera: fresa y uvas rojas. Además les hice un sandwich de tortas de arroz orgánics con queso crema orgnánico y galletas orgánicas de chocolate en forma de ositos.

Donde conseguí los productos orgánicos en GDL: 
Superama: tortas de arroz
Purorganiko: queso crema 
Ecotienda: galletas de ositos sabor chocolate

ENG I  Today my girls are going to find a colorful fruit lunch: they got strawberry and grapes, as well as a rica waffle sandwich with creme cheese and choco cookies in bear shapes.

Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

picknick friday

Today my girls have a picknick day in their school. We were asked to bring some healthy snacks for sharing them with all kids of the group. So here you see what I send my girls for that kind of special day:

Fruit box with diced apple and mango and  a "sweet" box with homemade whole wheat crepes and maguey honey as well as homemade whole wheat muffin con raspberries and lemon.

I think they are going to enjoy their picknick day!